Assessment scoring services

The Premier administrative team has nearly 20 years of experience scoring New York State Tests. As one of five New York State Education Department (NYSED) recognized vendors, Premier offers multiple solutions to scoring State assessments; traditional paper, electronic (from scanned images of paper tests), and CBT (computer administered tests). Premier is also a Lead Scoring Entity for Questar Assessment's ScorePoint system, which is utilized for CBT scoring. Premier hires only certified and experienced teachers who receive comprehensive training from experienced scoring leaders. Scorers are continuously monitored for accuracy and consistency, as required by NYSED.

Premier offers scoring services for the following assessments:

  • Grades 3-8 English Language Arts
  • Grades 3-8 Mathematics
  • Grades 4 and 8 Science (Written and Performances Tests)
  • Regents Exams (January, June and August administrations)
  • District-developed Assessments
  • Benchmark or Interim Assessments